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February 6 cert in paulinian humanities
February 13 cert in paulinian humanities
February 20 cert in paulinian humanities
February 27 cert in paulinian humanities


Introduction to Paulinian Higher Education Certificate Program

This webinar series starting in February and ending in June is made up of four intermediate certificate programs. For February, the list of webinars above constitutes the INTRODUCTION TO PAULINIAN HIGHER EDUCATION CERTIFICATE PROGRAM. At the end of each webinar, the -participant receives an individual webinar certificate (IWC). Upon completing all four webinars, the participant will be given an intermediate accomplishment certificate for the PCE Certificate Program.


Any undergraduate student who attends any of the webinars starting January may credit the 3 hours of the webinar to contact hours in his or her Introduction to Research course or any course that offers research methods topics during the semester of his or her enrollment. Have more time for thesis preparations and be ahead in your degree program by learning with graduate students and teachers.

Be part of the generous Paulinian family.


March - Introduction to Paulinian Business Education (PBE)

April - Introduction to Paulinian Teacher Education (PTE)

May - Introduction to Paulinian Digitized Education (PDE)

June - Introduction to Paulinian Knowledge Management (PKM)

February - Applied Qualitative Research (AQR)

March - Quantitative Research and Statistics (QRS) 

April - Mixed Method Research (MMR)

May - Applied Mixed Research (AMR)

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